Sunday, April 24, 2016

Update C5

It's always a relief to see after a few weeks away that there continues to be progress on our "Saint Germain" at C5 (in Campbell)..and to remind ourselves of how time is passing very quickly!

This pic of the site was taken 6 months ago on the 25th October 2015...
 and this was taken two months later just before Christmas Day (21st December 2015)......
This was taken another two months later on the 16th February 2016 (not bad progress considering the usual Christmas - New Year - January - slow down in building.......
..and this was taken one month later on the 27th March 2016....(they're on the first floor car park level now!)
 ..and here we are another month on (24th April 2016) and they are working on the ground floor level of the apartments (only five more floors to go)
The park trees are looking very pretty now too with their Autumn colours.  

This area will be very crowded tomorrow with all the ANZAC Day ceremonies at the War Memorial and down Anzac Parade. Hopefully by ANZAC day next year we will have moved in!

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