Monday, April 18, 2016

cycling - swimming in Ubud

Monday 11th April
Rob and 8 others went for a bike ride with Eddie this morning. They were away a bit after 8.00am up to the starting point of Kintamani overlooking the active volcano Mt Batur and its caldera lake. On the way up they made a stop at a coffee farm for a tasting (including the famous Lewak coffee).

I spent the morning with Josh and Jody and the girls, starting with coffee and juices at Cinta Grill. The girls were very keen to try out the newer pool at Sri Bungalows so we had a lovely morning in the pool there together, me racing Ella and Abi spending the whole time jumping under the water (and back up again).

I met them for lunch after at Gedong Sisi Warung on Jalan Raya Ubud. The girls were very relaxed after their morning in the pool and very hungry; we had plenty of time to chat and compare notes on Ubud and Bali.

I am always impressed with the range of foods these girls will eat but since arriving in Bali Abi has chosen pasta carbonara whenever she can find it on the menu. Today she was eating chips AND carbonara (the perfect lunch after a morning in the pool).
But this is what we prefer to eat in Bali!

The bike riders had returned by the time I got back to Sri - hot and sweaty and pretty proud of their efforts. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, but getting together in time to make it up to the Indud before the light was gone and happy hour was over. It was Jennie and Wayne's last night in Ubud tonight so we thought the Indus was the right venue for the occasion!

It was a rush but we just made it in time to see the view from the Indus balcony overlooking the Campuhan ridge and the ricefields beyond before the light was completely gone.

We scored another Latino band at tonight's dinner meaning another fabulous night of dancing and funky rhythms. I think that after 3 frozen margaritas my salsa dancing improves enormously! Rob, Ros and I finished off the night at the Laughing Buddha Bar (opposite Cafe Wayan) where the Unbroken Band was tearing up all the great classics (including a wonderful rendition of Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child).

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