Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Gili Sudak

Lombok has some great diving and snorkelling sites, including the popular areas around the party islands: Gili Air, Meno and Trewangan.

We headed in the opposite direction for our snorkelling day today - South West to Gili Sudak in beautiful Sekotong Bay.  The eight of us needed two of these traditional style wooden boats to transport us across the bay to Gili Sudak.

This is our view of the other boat as it approached Gili Sudak - one of the smaller islands (Gili) in the bay, and still very unspoilt.
We were the only snorkelers there today - able to observe large gardens of coral and schools of multi coloured fish of every shape and colour - very close to shore in the crystal clear waters of this part of the bay.
 Gede, the Manager of the island caught the fish this morning and barbequed it perfectly for our lunch with rice and Kangkung. Great flavours, great company and a perfect setting!

 It's still the rainy season here - and around 2.00pm a torrential rain storm hit the island..it bucketed down for around an hour and we got soaked!!!

It was a pretty rain soaked and bedraggled group that got into the boats for the ride back across the bay.

Gili Sudak is a beautiful unspoilt island and the snorkeling is just great. However the facilities there are still very basic so we were all looking forward to a hot shower and a change of clothes back in the comfort of our beautiful Puri Mas. We got back in time to see a very special sunset, no doubt a result of the stormy weather.

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