Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Campuhan Ridge walk and another goodbye

Friday 15th April
We were up early this morning, meeting up with the L family so we could start the 3klm Campuhan Ridge walk before the day got too hot and muggy. To get to the ridge we walked down Jalan Raya Ubud almost as far as the bridge, turned right at the Ibah Hotel entry road, past a very pretty schoolyard (why is it always the girls who clean the school yards??)......
 ...... and a small bridge over the river......
 and past the beautiful Campuhan temple.......before the ridge path started.
We enjoyed this spectacular walk, seeing our favourite Indus Restaurant from another viewpoint,
 and the beautiful rice paddies reflecting the early morning light.....

We walked all the way to the Karsa Kafe and enjoyed a fresh juice while we admired its beautiful lotus gardens and views of surrounding rice fields and Mt Agung in the distance.

As we walked back to Ubud Rob and I were both interviewed by some local senior school students completing a homework task that involved them in conversations with English speaking "guests".
We were very hot and sweaty by the time we got back to the bridge near Jalan Raya Ubud - and pleased we'd got started on this walk so early in the day!

We lazed around the pool for the rest of the morning (we had it all to ourselves including the best shaded day beds!) and treated ourselves to a late light lunch at Cafe Wayan.
We met up with J & J and the girls (in the Cendana pool) in the late afternoon. They were enjoying a last fling in the pool before leaving for DPR airport in time to catch their overnight flight back to Sydney.  Ubud suddenly felt a lot emptier and quieter as we waved them goodbye!!

However we did find the sight of these ducks tearing into the rice field in front of our villa a cheerful sight as we returned to Sri Bungalows after waving the kids off.

For our last meal in Ubud this trip we joined the L family at Ibu Rai's tonight....another wonderful meal in this food focused town

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