Monday, April 18, 2016

Raining in Ubud

Wednesday 13th April 
We started out the day again at the Cinta Grill for our morning coffees. Abi had a particularly wonderful time there this morning as one of the staff caught a little iguana for her to admire.

 ...along with the other wildlife at Cinta Grill (Abi is allowed to feed the fish there).
Afterwards we set out with Ros and Pete for a slow amble up Monkey Forest Road, past the football field (where it was morning break time for the Ubud PS kids).......
 ..up to Jalan Raya Ubud and left down towards the Campuhan Bridge (with a few shop stops along the way)

We found our way eventually to Janet de Neefe's beautiful guesthouse on Jalan Bisma where the morning Casa Luna cooking school was in progress.
A tropical downpour started just as we were thinking of ending up our walk at the Lotus Cafe and it ended up taking well over an hour for the storm to work its way towards easing. 

It was actually quite spectacular to watch, safe and dry at our table in the Lotus Cafe, with waterfalls of water running off the cafe's thatched roof and driving rain bending and bruising the delicate lotus flowers in the large ponds in front of the temple. We decided to settle in for lunch and enjoy being in the midst of a torrential tropical downpour!

Ros and I headed down to Bodyworks in Jalan Hanomen after that so we could both experience a deep tissue Ayurveydic massage together - heavenly afterwards, but occasionally painful during!

It was 4.00pm or so before we got back to Sri - barely enough time to shower and change and then walk back to Cendana for afternoon drinks hosted by Josh and Jody. The rain started bucketing down there too - giving us all something to be amazed by as we drank our G&Ts on their little verandah.

Once the rain eased we set off in a couple of different directions for dinner. Josh and Jody and the girls headed off to Cinta grill while the rest of us walked back to Jalan Bisma for another wonderful Ubud meal at the very elegant Cafe des Artistes.  Judy and Jurgen and the girls were very happy with their visit to the Bali Bird Park that day and were full of stories about it!

On the walk back to Cendana we could all see something very interesting was going down at the Laughing Buddha Bar. We could see the audience was in an uproar - phones out everywhere all trained on a great guest solo singer performing with the regular band. We found out later it was actually Guy Sebastion who is apparently holidaying in Bali at the moment and who must have been prevailed upon to perform a guest stint! The crowd was loving it!!!

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Roslyn Lawrence said...

So fantastic Judy at last we can see the blog. Obviously internet ok at Candidasa. Guy Sebastion fancy that. Our brush with fame !!!