Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Thursday 14th April
Josh and Jody had a big day planned today with visits to the chocolate factory, the Green School and the Bali Butterfly Park on the agenda. It's Ros and Pete's last day in Bali today so we stayed in Ubud....swimming in the pool all morning and then a long lunch with the L. family as well at Casa Luna.

After lunch while Ros and Pete rested in our room we did some book shopping, including a visit to the sweet little Pondok Library beside the football field, where some pretty major restorations were in progress.......
 ....and got back to the Milano Spa in time to see Ella in the final stages of having her hair braided and Abi about to start.
Ella had been dying to have her hair braided for days but controlled her excitement enough to sit still for the hour and a half it took for three people to do a head full of braids on her extra thick beautiful hair!

Abi agreed to get half her head done and found the process very relaxing!

Now beautifully braided the girls were able to help us wave goodbye to Ros and Pete from Sri Bungalows before they left with Eddy for DPR airport and the long overnight flight back to Brisbane. We have loved their company for the last two weeks - it was fun sharing all the good times together in Bali Lombok.

It was J & J and the girls' last night in Bali and we celebrated with evening drinks at Cendana and shared stories of our day's adventures before we headed out for a relatively late dinner at Gedung Sisi Warung on Jalan Raya Ubud while the young things took the easy option of room service at Cendana. By this stage Ella had already developed a headache from a very long, exciting and super hot day.
We had the hottest seats in the house at Gedung Sisi - food was good (as always in Bali) but we weren't impressed with the bottle of red wine that Jurgen and Rob ordered - light and relatively sweet and served over warm at room temperature. I thought there was a taste of rancid almond about it (IMO) and Judy got whiff of diesel!! Back to Bintangs I say!

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