Tuesday, April 19, 2016

To Candidasa

Saturday 16th April
We checked out of Sri Bungalows around 10.30am and were on our way to Candidasa with the L family (loaded into Eddy's two cars) before 11.00am this morning. 

The traffic was heavy as usual out of Ubud, until we were through Gianyar, but for the rest of the way there was plenty of space for us to get clear views of the sea to the East and rice paddies and small settlements along the road to the West. It didn't seem to take all that long (just over an hour today) before we'd arrived at the Ashyana Hotel in Candidasa and settled into our Seaview room (120).

Lunch was beachside, at our old favourite Puri Pandan Cafe, where Rob assured me the black rice pudding was as good as he had remembered it from our last visit a decade ago.
It is a super hot, airless day today in Candidasa so we were happy to chill out in the a/c for a while - especially after a few Bintangs with lunch.  We emerged in time for a swim and a spectacular sunset looking East across the sea to Nusa Penida and South to Padang Bai. We hosted drinks tonight outside Room 120 and then enjoyed a great meal at the hotel's Le Zat Restaurant.

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