Monday, December 1, 2014

Headbands and handstands

Headbands and handstands have been preoccupying the girls over the past few weeks.

After weeks of practice Ella has perfected a Davey style "suspended in time" handstand now  -  to complement her equally perfectly executed cartwheels.

Abi's obsession with her green headband has not diminished. Unfortunately the green headband has reached a stage where it suffers from plastic fatigue and so she has to spend half her life hoicking it off her face, back on her head where it belongs. And heaven forbid if she loses it while she's sleeping - it's very upsetting if she can't find it in the middle of the night!

I must reassure my readers that the headband does get washed every night (in the bath). But Abi is happy to wear her headband whether it is wet or dry, dirty or clean.

We're all on the lookout for a replacement (just the right width, the right colour, the right fit, the right embellishments....). Various alternatives have already been purchased - and discarded... but the Christmas decorations were unpacked at the weekend and guess what?.... a new headband has been found:

Unfortunately the news is not good. The reindeer headband falls on her face even more than the green one does..and those antlers don't cope well when they fall in her yoghurt, her paintings or her plate of roast chicken.  So, it means that Abi has to be constantly aware of the angle of her head just to keep her antlers upright!  It looks so awkward for her!

 We gave up in the end and got the old green one out again.

Let us know if you can see a likely (acceptable) replacement for the green headband anywhere....

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