Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas days

It's been a fun week - starting last Friday, with Ella and Abi spending the day with us, making gingerbread men (and ducks, and love hearts and stars and....) and all sorts of other fun.

Then a few dramas on Friday evening as we realised the young ones weren't going to Bali after all....... but Coogee instead; more on that later!

Ros and Pete arrived in Canberra on Tuesday morning, bringing cooler weather and good rain with them. They've really helped liven up our otherwise very quiet Christmas celebrations here - and our Mum got a huge thrill out of seeing them again of course.

Our Christmas day together was a very happy one: champagne for everyone, starting in the morning!, catching up with long distance kids via Skype, email and sms.....

eating some of the finest fresh seafood you'd find anywhere in the world (and drinking some great Canberra region wines)....

 and some slightly overcooked turkey breast (rescued by that creamy potato bake)....

 ..and all sorts of other goodies too.

 Over a relaxed afternoon Pete did a wonderful job entertaining Mum...

and we added finishing touches to that 1000 piece jigsaw of the Cinque Terre (very apt choice considering Ros & Pete are visiting there in a few months time).

Of course Christmas day always reminds us of many wonderful Christmases we've celebrated in the past with all the kids much younger and all together. We remarked to Mum at one stage that she would be celebrating her 101st Christmas this year (Isn't it terrible, she replied!) 

And how about this for our own distant memory?  The girl in the pic above and the girl in the pic below is the same girl!!  That's Ros yesterday and that is her on Christmas day 1966 (we think) at our (still unfinished) Coolum Beach house on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

The pic below is of the three sisters on the same day. I bet I am playing a new Beatles LP (not too loudly with Mum and Dad around) on that old "stereogram". We would have spent the rest of the day at the beach, with a special lunch that Mum would have been getting ready (with very little help from us) while we were off having fun, and then games in the afternoon...not all that much different to what we do now really.

 And we wish every far flung member of the three sisters' families and their friends much love and joy - always, but especially at Christmas!

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