Sunday, December 7, 2014

21 years

Thomas is 21 years old....... and we were lucky to be part of the family birthday celebrations last night in our rain soaked city.

Phoebe had made it just in time, from Sydney by bus, that same afternoon. Both Phoebe and Thomas are at that stage of their degrees where they are undertaking trainee ships in big global/government enterprises over the Summer break. Phoebe's already started hers. Thomas starts his in early January.

We're celebrating at Mezzalira tonight. It's a Canberra institution, one of Canberra’s best Italian restaurants, occupying an atmospheric spot on the corner of the Melbourne Building, facing London Circuit.

I thought the whole family looked spectacular tonight! Thomas is lucky to be constantly surrounded by such gorgeous women.

They all have great stature too - compared to me!
Thomas's favourite Aunty Anke was there too of course, just as she has been for all the kids' milestones.

We enjoyed our beautiful celebratory meal in Mezzalira's private dining room.....beautiful flowers, wonderful wines and a five course degustation dinner that was packed with flavour, balance and based on the best quality produce.

We're very privileged to be included in amongst these lively talented young people - all at such interesting stages of their lives.

Maddie had made a video of Thomas's life so far using lots of old family pics and a great sound track. We were all reminded of how little he has changed over the years (apart from his height) - he's still very gentle, unassuming, incredibly smart, very musical and passionate about sport and fishing, just like he was as a little tacker!

Jurgen gave a lovely speech that summed it all up.....

And we toasted Thomas's future with this wonderful Shiraz - that Jurgen had purchased many years ago (21 years to be exact) just for this purpose. It was in perfect condition and a beautiful drinking wine too of course!

Happy birthday Thomas - hopefully we'll be able to help you celebrate many more in the future.

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judy l said...

Now the big question Jude. 3 women,
only one pair of shapewear. From the photo's can you work out who got to wear them! Thank you for being our official family photographer. Another
exception job with words to match. We
loved having you there.