Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The L family has had a very big week with a 21st birthday at the weekend and Sophie's Year 10 Formal tonight.

Sophie's a beautiful  young woman already but like most girls at their Formals enjoyed the fun of dressing up and having the hair done, the nails, the makeup, and the shoes, just for the occasion.

It was too good an opportunity to miss with my camera.......

 I don't want Sophie and her friend T to hate me for this.....

but I found this picture of them taken four years ago in 2010, just to show how much they've grown (don't worry Sophie no one under thirty is likely to be looking at this blog)!!

 But wow look at Sophie (and T now)!

 A beautiful bunch of Canberra 15 year olds, ready for a grown up night of fun.

They'd booked a party bus to transport them to the Formal venue.  The driver invited all the oldies to accompany the kids on a drive around the block just to get into the party spirit.  The kids are so sweet they didn't complain.

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