Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bali style

We decided to share some Bali joy around this weekend - and maybe in the process convince some friends to join us in future visits?? Luckily our friends are AMAZING cooks themselves so our feasting was also a shared affair.

Judy brought back many happy memories with her ginger, mint and lemongrass refreshers! 

They were a great starter to a few rounds of G&Ts and Bintangs in the back garden.

You'll note we came dressed Indonesian style. The boys are wearing $7AUS shirts we bought at Morita Batik in Yogyakarta last month. I'm sure Mr Abbott would have liked to shirtfront Mr Putin wearing one of these at the G20 last weekend!

The group is looking very happy in the pic below because they are about to sit down to first course - Jennie's amazing, slow cooked duck stuffed with spicy greens and Maxie's Urap Urap (coconut salad).

There was a second course too - Judy's fragrant Beef Rendang, my spicy red fish curry and Maxie's Gado Gado - yum.

Jennie's coconut pannacotta with glazed ginger syrup was another highlight of this very special feast.

and Rob's & my Pandan pancakes filled with fresh coconut and palm sugar syrup were a yummy little side dish.

It felt very Bali like sitting outside as the sun went down - a 32oC day and much warmer weather predicted for Sunday.  Great weather for wearing silk sarongs and a scarf or two from my Bali collection (and maybe a bit more of that delicious duck if there are any leftovers).

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