Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Coogee highlights

Coogee has been working its magic on the young ones - making up for their lost (at the last minute) holiday in Ubud Bali.

We met up with them on Saturday for lunch at old fave Barzura's then came across this amazing character (the lizard's owner) as we walked along the beach path on Goldstein Reserve afterwards. The lizard is a genuine bearded dragon - and apparently he loves the beach (and a cuddle) ......

 and sitting up on top of heads!

..then a walk up Dolphin Street to the  new playground there - the girls love the flying fox!

 ... then an early (for us) dinner at Poco Cantina up at The Spot and a very amusing stop afterwards at the Cold Rock Ice Creamery on Perouse Road to watch the girls enjoying these (only eaten on holidays) icecreams.

On Sunday we talked the young ones into trying Sydney's public transport system: a bus to Circular Quay (why is that pronounced kee instead of kway says Ella?) and the ferry to Manly Beach. We made it across the harbour and to Manly Wharf just in time before the hunger pangs hit. Our choice of Criniti's on West Esplanade proved to be a big hit!

The girls loved the food, Jody had lots of GF to choose from and the Italian wine and beer menu pleases everyone. The girls took AGES to choose dessert from the all colour, all dancing iPad menu.

 Jody was delighted to have an Italian GF dessert option but she had to share most of it!

Manly beach was crowded with day trippers, even though the conditions were cloudy and coolish. It didn't stop the girls enjoying some time together on the beach though.

Another headband was found in Manly too. Despite all the new arrivals over Christmas no permanent replacement for the green one has been found, unfortunately - will this be the one?

We spent Monday (yesterday) back in Coogee - in perfect Summer weather - 26oC, sunny and just beautiful.

The girls and Josh spent the morning in the pool at our hotel. They love having Daddy around to play with ALL DAY (and I'm sure they couldn't care less whether it was in Ubud Bali or in Coogee Sydney)!

Our hotel overlooks this stunning view of Coogee Beach - imagine having all this choice of places in the sun.

Abi loves this playground in pretty Grant Reserve, just south of the main beach...but today her main focus was on playing with that water bubbler.

 Because we eat so early there's never a problem getting a table at lunch. Today we try the sunny (but cool and breezy) bistro at the Coogee Bay Hotel and find the food very satisfactory.

Then a late afternoon play on the beach, in idyllic conditions, as the crowds cleared a bit!

I think Joshy invented this game..the ball gets kicked into the waves and then it makes its own way back to the thrower depending on the wave action. The game was working well this afternoon on the incoming tide.

 ..but it did result in a very drenched (but happy), tiara wearing two year old.

Isn't this the BEST and COOLEST thing to have on a beach??  No need to sign the books out - it all works on an honesty system - people just return them when they've finished reading them. 10/10 to the Randwick Public Library Service for this great initiative. Coogee Beach has WiFi now too - so no reason to ever leave.

This morning the kids were back in the hotel pool, making the most of the remaining time before our check out.

They'll love returning to Ubud, Bali next year....but in the meantime the young ones have found a lot to love and lots of happiness being together in beautiful Sydney Australia this holiday season.

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