Monday, February 27, 2012

Abigail at one week

I couldn't decide which of these shots I should use to celebrate Abigail being one week old today! So far she is a very calm, easy going baby. She's been home four days now and is feeding well, sleeping well and very easy going about the continuous cuddling she enjoys from her adoring big sister.

That light up the world smile of Ella's is a fixture these days and that well fed, full cheeked, deeply asleep look is very typical of Abigail. Aren't they both gorgeous!


davey said...

Totally in love with these gorgeous girls, Josh is going to have his work cut out when they hit their teens!
I think Abigail is getting cuter every time I see a pic! Xc

Maxine said...

Beautiful photos of the girls Judy. I particularly love No 3.