Saturday, February 25, 2012

The boys

We're lucky to be a part of Ollie and Angus's lives too, along with our close connection to Jody and Josh's two (now) beautiful girls.

We had a lovely long visit yesterday - and all the boy's toys came out. Rob's 50 year old (slightly battle scarred) collection of Marchbox and Corgi cars still seems as popular as ever. When he's feeling very generous Rob lets the boys take home a car of their choice from the collection. Angus took all afternoon yesterday trying to choose between the red Mini and this sky blue Mercedes roadster. The last minute choice was the Mini, which we know his Daddy will find hard to understand.

The boys ended off their visit with a jam session with Rob. Ollie is playing a pretty mean version of "Paint It Black" now and seemed to enjoy how it sounded on Rob's guitars, while Rob played the chords alongside him.

..and while Angus played rhythm!!

Rob can't wait until the boys are ready to continue the tradition of the Christmas Day boys' guitar recital. That day is getting closer we reckon!

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davey said...

Davros would sure love to be in this line up! Although I think I have paint it black confused with back in black I still think it sounds good and im very impressed