Sunday, February 19, 2012


Beautiful Abigail was delivered safely this morning, a bit before 8.30am on 20th February. She weighed in at 4.46kg (9.8lbs) and is 53cm long......a beautiful new baby sister for Ella who is already madly, deeply, in love with her.

Ella had to wait with us for over eight hours today to see her Mummy and her new baby sister. We were amazed at her maturity in coping with the long wait, the level of excitement and the inevitable anxiety.

Jody has had a bit of a reaction to the C-section pain killers and is still not feeling too well. We will all be relieved to see her keeping food and fluids down and feeling more able to enjoy her great achievement (very soon hopefully).

We are struck by how similar Abigail and Ella look as newborns......thick dark hair, Jody's beautiful mouth and hands, Jody's little frown and those lovely cushion cheeks (although Abbey's are not quite as cushiony as Ella's were).

This was Ella at 4 days old - just home from hospital. They look very similar don't they?

Joshy is doing a wonderful job looking after his family...the man of the moment. He and Jody make beautiful baby girls.

It's been a blessed time for our family with the birth of Erin and John's gorgeous Liliana in Melbourne on Friday 17th February. Two beautiful healthy baby girls in the family in just over two days! All my sisters are doting grandmothers now.


Maxine said...

beautiful, beautiful Abi. And so like Ella was. Amazingly alike.

Jack and William's Mum said...

Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. They are just as alike as Jack and William.

I love your newborn photography. Such beautiful and natural pictures to treasure forever.