Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Abigail day three

Abigail slept throughout our visit today. She's feeding well and seems very relaxed, serene and sleepy despite the excitable queue of visitors competing for cuddling time with her.

Joshy takes father's rights first.

I think Abigail's chins and cheeks have grown even more cushiony over the last three days.

Ella was watching the clock ready to take over from her Daddy the minute he dropped his guard.

Jody's doing so well too, recovering fast and being very calm and serene herself; counting down the hours until she's able to go home with Abi Girl.

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davey said...

Abigail is growing cuter by the day! Those cheeks!!! I want to give them a squeeze. Ella looks like very proud big sister, we are so happy for you all .....Ed thinks she is so cute he would let her give his snuggle a cuddle xxxx