Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bon Ton

We've spent the whole of the last 28 hours at Bon not much to report. We had our least enjoyable meal of the trip yesterday, a late lunch at a Chinese seafood restaurant at Pantai Cenong. My whole fish in a hot chili sauce was good but Rob chose dishes that were too fried and not too flavoursome. The flies were terrible and the outlook wasn't too good either. We decided we'd stick to Bon Ton for the rest of our stay.

We got over our lunch experience last night with sunset drinks at the Rick Stein anointed Nam Restaurant at Bon Ton.

The cats are not allowed in the restaurant!!!!

Our Big Bob spends the nights and early mornings on our verandah then when we surface in the morning he requests to be let out the back door where he spends the rest of the day lazing in our open bathroom and sun deck. Yesterday while I was out there he jumped onto the bathroom basin expecting me to fill it so he could have drink. Of course I did what he expected!

The no make up, no GHD, Bon Ton look.

Gorgeous sunsets are Bon Ton's specialty and come free with evening drinks. Every hour or so during the day an Air Asia (small) jet lands or flies out of Langkawi airport from and to Penang. The airport is quite close to Bon Ton so that's another thing we can do during the day (look at planes). That's two of Rob's loves covered at Bon Ton: cats to pat and play games with and the occasional plane to admire in the sky.

Today seemed to just fly by: 9 hours sleep, late breakfast, 3 hours or so by and in the pool, rest in the afternoon, read another book (me) have my lovely new reading glasses delivered by Mr Lee from iZone Optics right to the door of our villa at Bon Ton. Then it's time for sunset drinks again and dinner at Nam Restaurant.

This place is a visual delight and such a lovely place to stay. We have loved it! The owner is an Australian. She's staying here at the moment. We watched her last night getting some of the staff to realign this row of daybeds. They use a bamboo pole to check they're the same distance from the pool edge. They do look nice all in a row! We guests mess them up during the day moving them into shaded areas under the umbrellas, or the sunny bits, depending on the whim of the moment. We've found it a rare privilege to stay at a resort where there are only 8 rooms (villas). We mostly have mornings at the pool to ourselves.

Our final evening meal in Langkawi is very memorable: a selection of Nyonya style dishes served on banana leaves. Very delicate beautifully balanced flavours. We shared a wonderful dessert platter too of some old favourites: black rice pudding, a fusion style creme brulee with glutinous rice, handmade coconut icecream and fresh mango, banana with a passionfruit syrup. Yum! Love Bon Ton.

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