Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rain, rain

We've had seven continuous days of no sun with lots of those days marked by heavy rain. Everything we touch around the house feels clammy and we're sick of the smell of paint and the daily clean ups caused by the rain soaked workers on our ensuite reno.

We were looking forward to a day out with "the girls" yesterday but ended up sticking around home because it really was too wet to be out in it.

Abigail spent most of the day asleep with just a few breaks to fill her nappy or fill her tummy.

Ella and I spent a lot of time cooking a slap up afternoon tea......which Granny K was able to enjoy too when she came over. There was obviously enough sugar in the cupcakes for Ella to give us a full scale, half hour dance performance afterwards, with her choice of music, without needing a break at all.

Abigail slept on.

By the end of the day she was wearing one of Ella's tops, reminding me again of how much they're alike at this stage...same hair, mouth and button nose. The shape of the eyes is very similar too, so far.

The pic below is of Ella at 11 days old. The pic above is Abigail at 12 days. Abigail was born around 250grams smaller than Ella, but she looks like she is catching up already.

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