Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ollie is eight

It's hard to believe Ollie is eight already. He loves reading Harry Potter and all sorts of other books, and is still very interested in all things scientific. He's a super fast skier too and an extremely lovable gentle natured boy in our (unbiased) opinion.

I think his favourite present today was the Skylanders set.  It seems to be connected to a computer game. Although he was very excited about it he was mature enough to be able to hold off playing with them until the very end of our family afternoon tea party this afternoon.

Abi took a great interest in the celebrations - especially in the selection of food available. She looked to be very keen to get into everything - but especially the camembert cheese.

The big kids had fun outside for a while. Claire organised a treasure hunt that proved to be very exciting.

 But after that the kids were happy just playing together on the trampoline...

....and swinging from the claret ash in the corner of the garden - which has grown to be a perfect height off the ground for the kids now.

For all his gentle nature Ollie is still super keen and competitive about his games.  He kept Joshy up to the mark shooting hoops with him...for ages.  Ollie would have been playing to WIN!

Claire produced one of her minimal effort (her words not mine) maximum effect birthday cakes to mark the occasion. Just perfect!

And Abi ended off the afternoon happily (and dribbily) with Grandpa and her chew toy while the big kids were finally allowed to play Skylanders.

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