Sunday, August 26, 2012

and Angus is six

Now A. is six. More Skylanders, special books, and special blankets are on the gift list.

The drumstick pencils prove to be versatile, and Ollie patiently tries to get that eraser puzzle back into the cube it started as.

Angus had to prove that the drumstick pencils really do work.

And Ollie and Ella did their research too (although Ollie doesn't look to be too sure about the outcome).

Abi came to the party in a very charming mood but is going through a stage of preferring to stay close to her Mummy when things seem to get too disruptive.

All the big girls in the family are happy to go completely gaga to get one of her light up the world smiles!

I'm amazed at how she will "work the camera" for me already.

This week has been Book Week (Champions Read!).  Unlike most of us who try to take a minimalist approach to the whole Book Week parade phenomenon, Claire went all out this year and created Tashi's Dragon for Ollie's costume.  Angus very kindly modelled it for our whoops of delight. He was happy for the spotlight to be on the dragon - even though his own skeleton pirate costume looked to be a very life like effort too!

Even Ella enjoyed a turn at being the dragon's head.

You can tell Abi is watching everything - thinking I can't wait to see what my Mummy is going to come up with for MY first Book Week costume!!!

Angus's birthday cake was very special this year.  Sparklers were quite an entrancing touch, especially with the lights out!


Happy birthday gorgeous Angus boy - star drummer, dancer and all around music prodigy!

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