Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Three dolls

We joined J & J and Ella and Abi at Yong Jing Restaurant in Kingsford on Sunday for lunch - as they were heading back to Canberra and as we were heading to Coogee. They'd had a wonderful day on Saturday at Luna Park celebrating Ella's success with term two preschool sessions and squeezed in some beach time on Sunday morning before a sharp Southerly blew in the clouds and caused temperatures to plummet.
Abi found the whole Kingsford restaurant scene hilarious - allowing me to get my best pictures yet of her light up the world smiles.

We found it amusing too to watch her watching us eat our spring rolls, wonton dumplings, bar-b-qued eggplant and rice.  She is SO INTERESTED.  Jody thinks it's time to start offering Abi some solids sometime soon - but maybe not Yong Jing spring rolls just yet.

I was so happy to capture Abi's hilarity but struck by the similarity to photos I took of her big sister (see below) at the same age (5 months).  What do you think?

I think Abi's hair is even more wonderful than Ella's at the same age though. Jody has had to cut it already and she still has a patch that stands up like a cute mohawk - the start of a giant curl maybe?

Ella was very happy with herself and had loved her day at Luna Park.

A month back I'd managed to get a another nice shot of her with her current favourite doll using my lovely macro lens.  That makes three dolls in this post.

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