Sunday, August 19, 2012

On the ropes

In a week of snowfalls (yes in Canberra), a day of solid rain and the coldest day of the year, we were lucky, last Monday to enjoy a sunny afternoon in the garden, playing with the girls.  Abi was feeling very happy to be out in the fresh air, especially when it came to (solids) snack time.  Mashed pumpkin is a favourite at the moment but she is showing signs of wanting a piece of everything on offer at meal times (including yum cha lunch at Dickson today)!

We'd set up a knotted rope from the Golden Ash tree in the back garden and Ella was itching to try it out.  But facing the descent proved to be more daunting than she anticipated.

It took several goes before she got the technique right.

But she persisted..... And then repeated the manoeuvre at least 50 times to make sure she'd got it right.

There were a few near misses so we placed this foam sheet over the leaf pile to make a softer landing if needed. It proved to be a good surface for doing push ups (straight body) in between climbs.

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