Sunday, August 12, 2012

Time travel

Helping Mum to sort through all her photos has been a real journey through time for me too. And an opportunity to refresh old memories, confirm long forgotten timelines and reflect how we can see some reminders of our grandchildren in baby pictures of ourselves.

We can see some of (London) Ed's expressions in this cute sepia toned portrait of his Nanny (Maxine) wearing her silk hand smocked "best" baby dress.

Taken around five years later this is a picture of (serious) me with Mum standing in front of the mango tree in our Brisbane front garden. Rob thinks there is something about my eyes that reminds him of some of Ella's expressions. 

The photo below was taken around the same year. It's pretty rare because it includes our Dad. He was usually the photographer. Maxine and I are wearing matching white voile dresses (no doubt made by Mum). None of us can remember why a professional photographer took our photo standing outside this Brisbane church. We must have been attending a wedding?

And then around seven years later, probably to Mum and Dad's initial surprise, Ros arrived.  Doesn't she look gorgeous in this portrait wearing her best flouncy baby dress (pale blue from memory). She hasn't changed much has she?  I can see glimpses of Ed and Ella in Ros's baby pictures (and Liliana Rose??).

I was so pleased to find this gem below. The three of us sitting with Mum on the couch in all our early 1972 glory.  In case you need some help with this that is Mum sitting on the left, then me, then Maxie and Ros (at 13 and 1/2 years old) on the right.

And nearly 40 years later, here is a picture of the four of us again, this time on a very windy day at Coogee Beach (last September). You can see we all spend a lot more at hairdressers these days (despite the wind), and on skincare, but underneath all that we're not that much different to the three sisters on the couch all those years ago.

AND we're off to London together next year, with our lovely men, and anyone else in the family we can persuade to come.

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