Saturday, September 1, 2012

First day of Spring

We had a very cold start to Spring.  It was just under -7oC at 6.00am on Saturday with a thick blanket of frost to greet the day. However, that cleared to become a clear sunny day and a reasonably warm one too (relatively speaking!)

Granny K insisted we have a seafood feast for our family's celebration of Ros and Pete's visit from Sandy Beach. After we'd downed 3 kgs of prawns, sushi and sashimi, 3 doz pacific oysters and a kilo or so of Alaskan crab, Claire decided to give the kids a thrill by setting them a treasure hunt challenge. A message and a map were delivered by Pirate Jack...and the kids were off and running, up the back pathway, by the bush and over to Nanny and Poppa's back look inside the chest......

 to find the mysterious box of treasure...

full of wondrous delights......

including those precious gold wrapped pieces of chocolate money.
Being observers of the pirate adventure was fun for us too. A lovely highlight of a weekend for us "girls" planning the UK (and Paris, I think) parts of our trip together next year (with Rod, Rob and Pete of course).

Ella couldn't believe her pirate treasure luck: chocolate, fruit tingles, gel pens, lip balm....

Abi even sat up on her own for a second or two...better able to admire the collective bounty!

I don't think any of the kids could have had a better surprise. They kept saying it was just like Christmas!

The gel pens were a huge hit with Ella, and Angus was very gallant about showing interest too.

Granny K's day was made: family together (including Ros and Pete), fresh seafood for lunch and a card game and lots of laughs with Ollie and Pete to top it off.

As the afternoon shadows grew longer the kids could FINALLY light their sparklers - another key ingredient in the box of pirate treasure.

leaving just enough time for a final bout of mayhem in the back garden before going home time.  Maxie even convinced Abi to get involved.




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davey said...

I love a private treasure hunt! That really takes me back. Loving Angus' high tops. Xx