Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hearts and flowers

There was a lot of love in the air when we returned to Canberra and caught up with the girls (after a two week absence) on Thursday.  Ella organised a playdate with us for ALL of Friday....a day to hang out with Granny and Grandpa and catch up on all the things we enjoy doing together on a Canberra winter's day.  She greeted us early on Friday morning - dressed in her best gear (including the new Paper Wings flouncy skirt from Mini Mojo's at Coffs Harbour) and this beautiful little love note, just for us.

We started the day with a visit to the fresh food market at Fyshwick where Ella enjoyed catching up with some familiar people, sampling the freebies and tucking into cinnamon bread sticks (2) and a hot chocolate at Crust bakery.

We then had a lovely visit with Claire and Maxie at Form Studio and Gallery, catching up with local family news and progress in the local art scene, and especially the beautiful new exhibition featuring the acclaimed printmaker Cat Poljski (and my sister Maxie).

That left us with a lovely long afternoon to enjoy some time in our rather winter bedraggled garden, which Ella enjoyed nevertheless - planting flower heart gardens using the early flowering camellia japonicas and some shells Rob had collected from Sandy Beach.

This is SO Ella.........

We took a walk up OUR hill and checked out the big old tree house and swing that was constructed by who knows who in that ancient old gum tree all those years ago.

and chatted with all the local friendly oldies out walking their dogs (and their grandchildren) in the grassy parkland on top of the hill on this perfect winter afternoon.

I have captured the start of an unusual expression for Ella in this pic.  She gets a bit bored with my photo taking and entertains herself by putting on "mango zombie" faces (and other variations on that theme) for the camera.  I've gotta be quick these days.

Ella talked her Mummy into staying with us for dinner too on Friday - Rob drove her home in the dark!...and we've all promised ourselves there will be a sleepover very soon.

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