Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mello Bello

We finished our jaunt up north with another short stay with Ros and Pete last weekend.  This time we headed away from the coast looking for a good lunch beautiful Bellingen, home of many mid north coast alternative types and some great cafe food, good coffee and interesting shopping that caters to the town's interesting residents.

We thought 5 Church Street looked to be a good choice.  A homey place, full of soul, live music, (although sadly not playing this Sunday afternoon) mismatched retro furniture and lots of fresh local food on the menu (including lentils and red beans, of course).

Ros and I made sure we allowed enough time for a browse through the gorgeous old Hammond and Wheatley Emporium on Hyde Street. It is such a special place that even the boys enjoy a (short) browse themselves before finding a spot to chill out together and compare their phone apps (they're both still novices in this area by the way!).

Ros, Pete, Rob and I had a lot of fun planning our trip OS next year for the WEDDING!  We've got a rough outline already done - some accommodation options even - we just need an idea of the timing now!

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davey said...

At this stage we have pencilled in May 4th - but depending on some last minute things could be end April. Will have definites in a weeks time! Xx