Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brisbane Sunday

Going back to the place where you grew up arouses all sorts of memories, some good, some not so good and some hazy and ill formed.

The Old Museum Brisbane on Gregory Terrace in Bowen Hills has good memories for me. I'm smelling the aromas of the dusty halls filled with old glass cabinets of insects and artifacts and the well trod timber floors, from its days as the Queensland Museum (until 1986) and remembering the excitement of seeing the mind blowing Scandinavian Design Exhibition back in 1968 and my first original Picasso paintings in the rooms given over the the State Art Gallery collection before the collection found its permanent home on Southbank.

The Old Museum Brisbane is now home to the Queensland Youth Orchestra and together with the buildings surrounding it, forms a lively performing arts precinct in the city.

Last Sunday the Old Museum hosted the Finders Keepers Design and Art Market.  The place was packed with high quality work, talented young designers and trendy young (women mostly) locals.  The men there all had a slightly bored look on their faces apart from those queued up at the organic hand made beer marquee.

We met up with my friend Jane later the same day. We used to teach together at Canberra High School a hundred years ago.  When she moved to Brisbane I suggested she look at Bulimba as a possible place to live, which she duly did. Rob and I loved our time living in Bulimba back in 1972. 

This Sunday Oxford Street Bulimba was packed with movie goers, shoppers and a buzzy bar and cafe crowd. It took us ages to drive through the jam of cars and people.

But we found a quieter and much more sunny spot down on the river at The Jetty Oxford.

K. Rudd is a regular at The Jetty, but not this afternoon it seems.

We spent a few hours over drinks catching up with a year's worth of family, travel and work news as the sun slowly worked its way across the western sky.

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