Friday, June 1, 2012

Catching up

Friday last week was a perfect day for catching up with Sydney family over an extended comfort food lunch, snug inside at our house on one of the coldest Canberra May days on record.

We had two babies in the house, both with names starting with A. They're second cousins born 4 months apart.  It's very amusing how much baby A resembles his grandfather C - only cuter.

We think his Mum and Dad make an exceptional couple too.

Miss Z and Ella, second cousins too, had a rollicking day together.  They both share a love of tiaras, dress ups and dancing, and exhausted us just watching their antics on the dance floor - for HOURS.

Great-grandma had an opportunity to see her knitting efforts meet their mark and an even more amazing opportunity to see four of her five great grandchildren in the one place.

Come time to leave and Ella and Miss Z were very loath to say goodbye.  They've made each other a promise to have their next play date at Luna Park in Sydney.

Then come Saturday, not quite as cold, but just as bleak, it was time for Sophie, Maddie and me to celebrate their birthdays with our annual date at the Hyatt for high tea.  At 13 and 15 years respectively Sophie and Maddie are entertaining company for our delightful afternoon catching up with school and holiday news over many plates of (mostly) raspberry embellished treats.

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