Sunday, June 10, 2012

On the mat

In the last week or so Ella has mastered a proper, chin tuck, smooth roll, on the mat, somersault.  It was the right occasion for her to teach me how to send a video attachment of the milestone.... her daddy, using my iPhone.

It required a lot of repeat performances for me to get the framing right.

She can do them perfectly - one after the other - it's my camera work that needs the tweaking!

From the other mat Abi watches everything that Ella does - with all her attention focused and smiles ready.

Abi loves Ella being UP CLOSE the most, and in her face, which is just as well......

They're very tactile... Ell's very squeezy and boisterous and Abi gives almost as good as she gets, sucking on Ella's cheek and grabbing her hair nose and chin when she can.

In amongst all the love  we can see that Abi is starting to be much more conscious of the connection between her hand movement and how good it feels to hang on to someone's nose.

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