Sunday, June 24, 2012


As we're past the winter equinox the days should start to seem a little brighter soon.  It's been a cold week and darkness feels like it comes on way too early.  We're very busy packing up Granny K for her big move and fitting in work commitments, household chores and quality time with E, J and A when we can.

A lot of our time is spent indoors... Ella celebrated two successful sessions at preschool this week (and a new haircut - with fringe) with a session of shoulder stands with Grandpa.

She's pretty pleased with herself at the moment.

The weather is perfect for Sunday lunch dates with young friends - great food and a chance for playtime with Yasmin.  She is just at that age when she really enjoys a present - and not just for the crinkly paper and the purple ribbon.

We could see fresh snow on the Brindabella Mountains at midday today from the west facing window of our friends' house in Garran.

But I did not feel any sympathy for this possum, brazenly swinging on our phone line near our back laundry door tonight. It is one member of the possum army that rages across our roof at random intervals most nights - I guess they're staying active to stay warm.

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