Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ella is five

Our day began early decorating 50 ginormous cupcakes according to Ella's chosen colour scheme, insect designs and range of lollies.

It was quite an exercise loading the cupcakes, fresh fruit platters and presents and two great grandmas safely into the car and making our way to the CSIRO's Discovery Centre, the site for Ella's fifth birthday party celebration today - careful going round corners Robbie!!!!

18 little people were Ella's guests.  Everyone got a big hug, which the girls enjoyed repeating for an extended time - while the boys quickly reverted to floor wrestling each other.

Luckily the science discovery program started quickly. First stop was the mat and some close up examination of the insects and the turtles - under the watchful guidance of the beautifully trained Jason.

Ollie certainly was the most well informed young person in this circle of aspiring entomologists.  He even knew that turtles breathe out of their mouths AND their bums. 

Then there was time to look at some of the "specimens". "Yes they are all real birds and animals", says Jason. "They're just not alive anymore!"

........before heading into the lab. Of course every scientist needs a lab coat before they can check out their lab specimens under the microscope!

I was impressed with how engaged Ella became with the story of DNA.

While the boys enjoyed the zappy stuff....

........ and working out how to unlock this little 2 ring rope challenge.

Science and energy take on a whole new meaning when jaffas are involved - they were all immersed in the physics of this one!

Abi enjoyed the party today very much too.  She found the sunny Discovery Centre atrium cosy and bright and enjoyed having cuddles with all the extended family members.

Jody and Joshy devised a beautiful, healthy lunch menu for all the kids - and sensibly had it catered by the Turkish Pide House at Jammo.  They must have been pleased to see all the kids LOVING it! (as did the Great Grandmas too!)

Ella's insect cupcake tower caused quite a stir - so much more exuberant and fun than the delicate little pink fondant masterpieces many other girls her age choose.

Happy fifth birthday darling girl; it was so lovely sharing the fun!

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