Monday, December 12, 2011


We've been lucky to know Thomas for (exactly) 18 years now. He was born in December, 1993 just as we were preparing (training in Sydney) for our big 6 week Canada/US trip with Ice Hockey Josh. So we didn't get to meet blue eyed baby Thomas, and start our relationship, until our return to Canberra in early February 1994.

He's always had an air of quiet, calm, self assurance which no doubt has contributed to his consistent success at school, especially in mathematics, science and languages (thank you for all the translating you did in France for us Thomas). His musicality blows us away (and thank you for all those impromptu performances) and what he doesn't know about Soccer isn't worth knowing.

Jurgen celebrated Thomas's birth all those years ago with a 21 bottle purchase of the 1993 Bailey's Shiraz (from Rutherglen).

Thomas was legally able to enjoy a glass with us this year. We thought it tasted better than ever!

Thomas has two sisters so is better equipped than most 18 year old males to stay calm in testing situations. It is no wonder they adore him.

Happy birthday Thomas and may your future continue to provide opportunities for you to use your wonderful talents and education.

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