Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lights, action

We joined many thousands of other people on Christmas Eve at Bissenberger Crescent, Kambah. The mood was mellow, the sky was lit with over 80,000 Christmas lights (90% of them LED - and that was just from number 47) and the collection of gold coins for the various charities was growing by the hour.

I presented Ella with a new red hat for Christmas and was very amused by her decision to wear it for the next 36 hours, including throughout our sunset viewing of the Christmas lights.

The mellowness of the evening continued on to a very laid back Christmas Day for us. With everyone somewhere else this year we had lunch together with Mum at Rydges and spent the rest of the day doing very little. We thought a lot about loved ones near and far of course, as you do at Christmas!

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