Monday, December 12, 2011

So this is Christmas

I hope this collection of photos captures some of the fun we had yesterday at our family (early) Christmas celebration. We started at midday with the little ones waiting patiently while the adults unpacked their contributions to lunch and their bags of presents - and had their first glass of Marjella poured.

But then it was time to open presents.............

In the pic above Ollie is wearing his present from Ella-a handprinted T-shirt with an Ella original design. In the pic below Ella is wearing Ros and Pete's present from the Coff's Coast. She LOVES this dress and describes it ecstatically as her "dress that looks like money".

Star Wars Lego continues to be a popular choice of present.

It is lovely to have so many adults around to help with the unwrapping , including a full suite of grannies and grandpas (and even a great-grandma).

Ollie loved his new chess set. Better watch out Pa Pa!

Things were on the verge of being out of control at times, but we managed to keep just this side of total mayhem.

Ella enjoyed unwrapping a whole new wardrobe under the tree this year. These board shorts are heading straight to Coogee after Christmas, for lots of swimming in the ocean with her Daddy!

But then, we were ready for lunch. Rob and Rod averted a mini disaster by getting the chicken cooked before the first of Sunday's big storms hit around 2.00pm.

We struggle to get group shots of the kids.......this one worked for Ella but not for the others. We'll keep trying!

Our lunch was a great success. The kids were happy and delightful company, the food was wonderful and we'd kept it all so simple and low key this year that everyone felt very relaxed. The gathering storm outside just made us feel even more cosy and cocooned inside together.

And we even managed to get a great group shot of the these gorgeous kids (thank you Claire)!

Rob had got the new tree house and swing set all set up ready for our celebration today. Unfortunately the stormy weather meant it was never properly launched. When the really big storm hit around 7.00pm last night I thought there was a chance it might float away in the rapidly rising flood that was our back yard by then. No chance of that however with the number of screws and bolts in this safe construction!

Merry christmas to all our loved ones who weren't able to join us this year!

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davey said...

Merry Christmas everyone! Missing you all terribly at this time but very happy to be able to share all the special moments in blog form. Cannot believe that swing set. Go rob! Xx