Monday, December 19, 2011

Girls in Black

We were lucky enough to have visit from Melbourne Erin this weekend. Ella has always thought Erin was pretty special so when she arrived Ella tried to be as entertaining as possible, doing her best tricks for her on the swing set, sending the best paper aeroplane flights from the new tree house and taking lots of portraits of her with Rob's camera. The mild sunny weather on Saturday afternoon created the perfect backdrop for our relaxed girl time together in the back garden.

Although by early evening things had calmed down enough to do some quieter puzzles and craft together.

Sunday morning the whole Canberra branch of the family gathered together at our favourite breakfast cafe. The kids all greeted Erin warmly but I was amused to see how quickly Angus got back to examining his Top 10 Singapore travel book while the rest of us socialised. He even managed to get Ella interested in his new favourite travel destination!!

The start of 2012 will bring with it a big year for baby girls in our family. We all agreed that Jody and Erin and their baby girls looked absolutely beautiful this morning - especially against the backdrop of the courtyard garden at the Hyatt. Their black outfits were very "Melbourne" I thought.

And how impressive, with 10 or so weeks to go, that these two beautiful girls are still able to crouch down for the sake of the group shot (and get up again) so gracefully.

Coincidentally I dressed very "Melbourne" too............

...along with all our beautiful girls...............

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