Monday, December 12, 2011

Bom Funk

It was time for the end of year Bom-Funk Dance Studio Showcase XIV concert last Saturday night. The performance of Claire's preschool class was of special interest to us as was Ollie's Boyz Funk group. Jeremy had the job of keeping the preschoolers calm and focussed before they were due on stage. The pic below sums up his success at that particular job.

But once on stage the preschoolers transformed themselves.......

Their dance told the story of a jewellery heist - complete with gangster thieves, laser security beams (that's the red wool), dramatic tension and lots of opportunities for stylish dance solos and group sequences. These 4-5 year olds had a full 5 minutes of dance moves to memorise!

6 months ago at their last performance it seemed like Claire had achieved miracles just getting them up on stage with the occasional set of dance moves from isolated individuals done in the correct sequence. Now look at what she has achieved with them!

Totally cool and confident performers!

While Ollie's Boyz Funk group is as hip and happening as ever (and spot Ollie's cameo appearance in the jewellery heist scene, above)!

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