Monday, August 1, 2011

Through the lens

My new second lens arrived during the week: a 100mm, 2.8f Macro lens..woohoo! But I have been a bit too busy with work, fitting in some exercise into minus 8oC mornings and keeping up with family, to really get to know my new lens in any deep sense.

It is certainly capable of taking extreme close ups in relatively low light.

Our big cook up with Ella on Thursday morning gave us a chance to capture some of the fun. However there was just a bit too much pink sticky icing flying around the kitchen for me to feel comfortable about getting my camera too close to the action.

Rob used it to capture this happy portrait. There is something about overdosing on sugar that really brings out the love!

We had more family fun on Sunday celebrating Mum's 97th birthday (just as well she never looks at my blog or she would be mad at me for divulging her age!) with a glass of sparkly and more good things to eat. With the P family away at the snow, Ella was the only great grandchild in attendance. She did a great job of paying Mum extra birthday attention and putting on a great dance show for a loyal audience.

I managed to catch Ella in a quiet moment in this lovely shot, using the macro lens, which meant I could take the picture from a fair distance away in late afternoon interior light. I love the old Dutch Master tones in this shot!

...and then we couldn't resist experimenting with capturing the left overs from our "drinks" party. This is a very artistic shot of the chilli nuts!

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Maxine said...

Lovely photos Judy. Especially the portrait of Ella.