Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big News Week

This weekend has been remarkable for the announcement of some BIG NEWS for our family. I'll never forget Ella, so excited, as she broke the news to us, with that look of absolute joy on her face, and that 3,000 watt smile. So many things to look forward to and plan for. Aren't we lucky!!!

We celebrated over a long lunch together and then afterwards by buying me a new lens (or two) for my camera, and a tripod, an early big birthday present. I dropped my beautiful camera on my first day in London in early April. Luckily, it kept working OK for a few weeks but since New York it has become more and more troublesome. I'd obviously upset some of the lens calibrations in the big fall!

In the late afternoon winter light it was fun to use my camera with the full range of available exposures again. I admired the tracery of the bare trees in Garema Place as, beneath them, people were enjoying the crowded novelty of the especially set up ice rink bringing some winter cheer to this previously dull area of the city.

King's Avenue Bridge was looking spectacular with its sunset lit backlighting.

And Mt Ainslie, the Carillion and the emerging new ASIO building on Parkes Way were all looking postcard perfect.

I had to try out my new Manfrotto tripod too...with some real estate type shots of our living areas at home, failing any other inspired ideas.

No, we're not interested in selling up yet. With the BIG NEWS it will be better to delay any thoughts of downsizing for a few years yet, I think!

It was a very late night for many Australians last night. We had to help Cadel Evans through the last stages of the Tour de France. Go Cadel!!

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