Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Week Birthday

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Jerra PS Book Week Parade this week. The drive over was marked by Ella announcing we were going by way of Claire's place - pronouncing all consonants and blends perfectly.

Around 3-4 months ago she would have said we were going by way of Tare's pace. Ella's been putting in some very targeted practice with the support of her Mummy and the Speech Pathologist and all her words are sounding very CLEAR and grown up now!

Ella LOVED seeing all the Jerra kids in their Book Week costumes. I was not surprised when she singled out the various interpretations of Snow White costumes as her favourites!

But Ollie in his Ninja costume was our hands down favourite.

It's Angus's fifth birthday this week, so it was lovely to spend some extra time with him and just appreciate the lovely space he's in at the moment.... dancer / performer extraordinaire, passionate lego and Star Wars player and an all round lovely, fun loving, thoughtful person.

Ella loves him (and Ollie) to bits!

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