Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sister time

We've all enjoyed a four day visit from sister Ros from Sandy Beach. It's been very special to have some quality time in her company, sharing happy family meals together, checking out the local markets, appreciating the brilliant Fred Williams retrospective at the NGA, catching a movie, and a whole day together shopping at the Canberra Centre!

Ella has always thought Ros is quite special - and with faultless taste in Oobi dresses! She loved showing off all her clever tricks, most athletic moves, and best jokes, so Ros would be impressed.

We spent some time on "our" hill and Ella was able to point out how to sidestep the kangaroo poo, which Ros found impressive.

Ella helped teach Ros what it might be like for her when she's a Grandma: taking time to smell the roses and admire discarded sapphire streaked feathers...........

and blow and catch bubbles for hours in the sunshine..............

Ros spotted this rich velvet and brocade number at the Bus Depot Markets. in a previous life it was possibly a flowergirl outfit for a big fat Mediterranean wedding, but it EXACTLY fits the bill now as the ideal princess dress for Ella. She was dressed up for the ball in this picture and fluffy dog was all geared up to go with her.

It was time for the grownups on Tuesday after Ella went home. An afternoon movie session to see the wonderful Jane Eyre, followed by a glass of champagne at the Hyatt and then a beautiful meal after at Taze in Civic's North Quarter.

Time together for us three "girls" is rare these days. Thank you Ros for this gift. See you soon!

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