Friday, February 5, 2016

Back to school

It was back to school week this week for Ella and the start of preschool for Abi. It was also the start of Monday night Gym class and Thursday night swim squad training for Ella and Monday swimming and Tuesday Gym classes for Abi - they're busy girls. 

But very happy about all that too......

Ella started school on Tuesday - in year three (in the senior school now).

Abi started preschool on Wednesday morning: three 6 hour days this week (two next week). We didn't think she would be able to stay the full days this early in the year (she's only 3 after all, and she's never been away from her Mummy or us before!).

But each morning she's left home in very high spirits...

and while there have been a few tears at saying goodbye time each morning she has ended up having three really good (whole) days at preschool this week, which means we can all start to relax about it too. Hopefully this great start means we'll all have a really positive school year ahead.

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rossie l said...

How grown up they look.