Sunday, January 31, 2016


We can see some progress with our place (Saint Germain at C5) over the past three months. The pic below was taken on the 25th October last year and shows a very early start on the excavations....
and this pic below was taken two months later on the 21st December...showing good progress to at least the first level of the underground carpark and foundations.
I took this last pic below last weekend on the 25th January. We think they're at the lower level carpark by now - and only five more floors to go. ETA for completion is allegedly January 2017. We'll believe that when we see it - but not bad progress so far.
So that we could get into the vibe of lakeside living we treated ourselves to two nights at the amazing Hotel Hotel last weekend at New Acton.
We loved everything about our stay there, the funky rooms with their natural finishes and restrained aesthetic, the unobtrusive elegance, high tech everything, Aesop products and access to the wonderful Monster Kitchen and Bar, movies at the Palace and all the dining options at New Acton.
We walked to the brilliant National Museum of Australia for breakfast one morning and spent two hours at the new(ish) Encounters exhibition (comprised of "first encounter" objects from the British Museum).
 ..then a walk around part of Lake Burley Griffin.......
 through Commonwealth Park...
back to "our place" at Campbell. 

We'll need to do this a few more times before it starts to feel like it really might happen one day.

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