Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Saint Valentine

I'm not sure if we are agnostic or atheist about the existence of Saint Valentine, but we are all pretty atheistic in our family about the commercialised cheese that is Valentine's Day.

Betty K...rapidly approaching the final months of her 102nd year (!!) enjoyed the opportunity for some Valentine's Day related craft activity - probably the first time she has ever done anything Valentine's Day related in her long life (thank you Bernadette).
The rest of us did nothing about the Saint's day. We went to the park with the girls...where it took them a while to get out of their weekend, battling sibling mode (it wasn't very lovey-dovey at all actually!).

 Although things had calmed down a lot by the time the ducks appeared.

I made my first pavlova ever - which was a bit Valentine's Day worthy I guess.  I think I nailed the soft (but chewy) inner meringue layer and the light and crispy exterior but my pav lacked structural integrity - the shell collapsed and had to be held together with wallops of cream. I need more practice Saint Valentine!

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