Sunday, February 21, 2016

Abi is four

Abi's fourth birthday celebration is looking like it might extend over a week or so - so these pics are just an introduction to what might lie ahead.

This bunny rabbit mask (and a unicorn headdress I didn't capture with a pic) seemed to be among her favourite presents on the morning of her actual birthday.

 .... making big sister Ella happy too!
We had a happy birthday meal out last night at Abi's favourite "Happy's" restaurant in Garema Place then a huge double gelato (her favourite lime flavour) from Via Dolce afterwards.
 ..making big sister Ella happy too......

But of course - it's all about the cake....and this year it was the Octonauts special.  Abi has no expectations of her Granny in the cake decorating department. She is always super thrilled with whatever we come up with as long as the icing is thick and the smarties are prolific. Jody and I made the cake a combined effort this year. I thought Jody's honeycomb crumb "sand" was a master stroke!
This is birthday cake mark 1...we'll do a repeat performance - maybe even an improved one for next weekend's little peoples' party.

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