Sunday, August 2, 2015

Youngest and oldest

We were introduced to the newest member of the extended family this month - gorgeous Ivy Rose born at 9.05 London time on the 20th July 2015, 7 pounds 14.  What a bundle of sweetness!

An adorable baby sister for Ed....who so far looks very interested in this new addition to his little world! We can't wait to see them both this year (and D & C too of course).
And now to the oldest.......Our Mum was born on 31st July 1914 - making her now ONE HUNDRED AND ONE years old!!  And she told us this week - she doesn't feel her age!!  

We made up a photobook for her birthday with lots of pictures of her very photogenic grandchildren (5) and great grandchildren (now 8 including Ivy).  She took a great interest in the book and will treasure it!
We thought that with the cold winter weather we would not take Mum out for her birthday this we celebrated with a family party at Mirinjani on Saturday afternoon.  The staff could not have been nicer - supplying Mum (and her guests) with a lovely afternoon tea with all the trimmings and plenty of space for us to kick up our heels.

Ella and Abi have a ball no matter where they go - and the Mirinjani Activities room proved to be no exception.  The girls provided us with lots of laughs especially when they discovered the vibrating "exercise machine"....
and the balloon and fly swat game. They weren't at all daunted by the various elderly people who checked out the "party" throughout the afternoon. They both had a smile and a chat with everyone who came by, no doubt brightening every one's day.
We had some fun sister (and spouses) time too. Canberra turned on a perfect winter day on Friday and we spent quite a bit of it enjoying the Yarralumla lake front.

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