Sunday, August 30, 2015

The next big adventure

We were both feeling very nervous by Friday - and then, late afternoon, after a shower of rain we see this spectacular double rainbow, almost over our back garden

 .....and the most spectacular moon rise in readiness for supermoon  the next evening (Auction Day - Saturday the 29th).  I just felt the omens were good...but we both had very little sleep Friday night!

Our auction went well. We had a big crowd roll up (over 40 people probably) but only two bidders - lucky for us they were both serious - and the winning bid was pretty close to the estimate - so we were VERY happy and RELIEVED!!

It was hard for reality to sink in on Saturday for a while, but by evening we were ready to party (just the two of us)!

We celebrated properly today by starting the huge pack up (which will have to be done in record time) and enjoying a lovely long lunch together with our family support team at Poacher's Pantry out in the country on Nanima Road.

I love watching the way the girls tackle fine dining - always with great gusto!
Ella made a great job of polishing off her dessert - peanut butter parfait, caramelized bananas, dark chocolate pudding, cacao glazed, sweetened chilli roasted peanuts - wow!. Although in this pic she looks like she is a bit worried that I might take it from her!

With our time at this house now rapidly drawing to a close the lovely, happy times we've shared here seem extra special. On Thursday afternoon Abi and I did some painting and went for a walk afterwards - up the hill - Abi's and my favourite hill. We always walk up to the big rocks (on top of the hill), saying hello to the kangaroos on the way and telling imaginary stories to each other about our castle, our horses and our dog (and our 5 helicopters), just like Ella and I used to. I hope Abi remembers some of our happy times at this house!


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