Sunday, August 23, 2015

thirty two years ago

Our house goes up for auction next weekend (yikes). It's made us think about all our happy times here over the past thirty two years.

We moved in during February 1983.....and this is what the front of our house looked like then... (that's Claire, Davey & Josh with some of the neighbourhood boys lined up on the front driveway).  Our big claret ash in the front garden looks to be about 6 metres tall in those days.

Twelve months later Rob had built a pergola over the narrow front verandah and the front courtyard wall had been built.  Joshy's ready for school (he was in Kindergarten then at Torrens PS)!
.....and this is what the front of the house looks like now......what a difference a mature garden makes!

One of the first jobs Rob tackled back in 1983 (with help from Josh and Davey and a few other boys in the hood) was the demolition of this derelict pool and decking in the back garden.
We made it all look quite pretty in the back garden for a while.....

 ..until we learnt that gardens like this took way more time and water than we were able to give it! now it looks like this (although much more green, shady and inviting when it is not Winter!)..

Our metal garage and driveway looked quite shabby in 1983 even when it must have been relatively new. This picture was taken before the side courtyard wall was built in 1986 and the family room extension was added in 1987.

 It looks much more presentable now but the metal garage is still there behind that rendered brick facade and automatic door.

This picture of Josh was taken in 1984 in our front garden. We're creating some new curvy garden beds and he's having fun creating race tracks for his car collection.

and this is how the same front garden looks today - with a few more gum trees in the bush over the road - and a resident mob of kangaroos!

The house interior was in pretty bad shape when we first moved in. This was our first Christmas lunch in 1983, complete with tacky wallpaper and cheap bamboo blinds (to temporarily replace the tacky curtains).

This is what that dining room looks like today - extended a metre, opening out through glass doors to a lovely verandah - and no wallpaper (I use it as my study and the girls' playroom these days).

This is our favourite Christmas lunch spot now (built by Pete in 2006)!

This picture of a rather serious looking  birthday celebration was taken in our first kitchen in January 1985 (Joshy's 6th birthday) the 70s era burnt orange tiles!

Our first kitchen reno was done in 1987 when the family room extension was done and then our current kitchen was finished in early 2007 - I still love this kitchen....and will miss it when we leave!!  It's been the site of many craft projects, cooking experiments and cake icing adventures with the girls over the last 8 years.

These pictures tell something about the happy times we've had at this house over the past 32 years......but it is time to move on..and for us to find the next big adventure.

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Roslyn Lawrence said...

Oh wow, It is certainly an end of an era. We will always remember the happy family times we have had in your lovely home. She certainly blossomed in the 32 years you owned her. Ros xxx