Sunday, July 12, 2015

Noosa, Brisbane, Sandy

It's been a week of warmth and sunshine, reconnecting with extended family and lots of seafood lunches!

This was one of the best seafood lunches this week - at the Marina looking East towards the mouth of the Noosa River - a favourite childhood picnic/swimming spot.

It was pretty hard to say goodbye to our lovely apartment 12 on Thursday, with its spectacular Noosa views.
 .....and on to Brisbane. We stayed at West End on buzzy Boundary Street just a short walk from different from when we lived here in the 50s & 60s...

We crossed the river over the Victoria Bridge and admired the old Treasury building and this gorgeous building that used to be the Q'ld State Library. I used to spend a fair bit of time here (such a nerd) and loved the books, the architecture and the ambiance. I am so pleased it hasn't been demolished in amongst all the frenzy of Brisbane city newness.

It's NAIDOC week so we were pretty stoked to catch some of the family fun day celebrations at Musgrave Park on the way back to our West End apartment......hipster buzz, city sights, great food and bars and NAIDOC .....this is a great inner city suburb!

We ended of our short Brisbane city stay with a family catch up breakfast at the Gunshop Cafe. It was our first chance to meet gorgeous baby Charlotte..the latest addition to Granny Bobbie's collection of exceptional great grandchildren. She is just a divine honey bun (of course) and lucky enough to have a Mummy and Daddy (and extended family) who all absolutely adore her.

We're ending off our winter break at Sandy Beach..with more great company with family, gorgeous seafood and sparkly blue ocean views ....

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