Sunday, November 24, 2013


We enjoy the assemblies at Ella's school when Ella's Kindy class presents them. Last week they acted out their favourite Monster book (all wearing colour coded costumes) for our enjoyment.  The cuteness factor is off the scale!

As we're getting close to the end of the school year it was a great thrill to be there when Ella was awarded a Merit Certificate for Excellence in Reading and Writing at the assembly - a nice way to end off her year in Kindy!

And another lovely surprise - a Highly Commended for those cupcakes we made for the Twilight Fair last week  - those judges do have good taste!

Last night we joined the crowd of 5,000 or so people at Voices in the Forest in the amphitheatre of the Arboretum. We spread our lovely mirrored quilt from Rajesthan on the grass, opened a bottle of Majella Rose and sat back and really enjoyed the performances - opera classics - all the "best ofs" (Nessun Dorma etc) nothing too demanding for the laid back audience on this sunny afternoon.

Over the three hours of music and song we ate our way through some lovely food with Jurgen and Fiona and acknowledged our good fortune to be living in a city that supports this kind of event at the brand new Arboretum.

I always think of Aljazeera Joel looking out across this landscape, remembering him as the last cameraman standing as the devestating 2002 fires swept along these gentle hills, razing everything in its path.  There'll be fewer reminders of this as the new forests grow!

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